Other Services

    Web design & Web development

    Do you need a trendy, attractive, and viral website design for your new project?

    Or maybe you have an old app or a website you need to redesign?

    We are here for you. Our designs work and get results the clients expect from us. The websites we make are respons

    ive and fast-working.

    Top-5 Qualities of our websites:

    1. flawless mobile version
    2. design from scratch
    3. high ranks on Google
    4. secure & reliable
    5. adaptable website
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    Social media marketing

    Top Reasons people choose us

    • We are here for you. 24/7, we are ready to answer your questions and correct the strategy according to your needs.
    • We follow the hottest trends. So your account will be trendy.
    • The research drives our confidence and results. We can explain why we do this or that.
    • We combine creativity and wisdom. We know you need results and ROI, and you will get them — in the most creative way!
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    Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)


    • Local SEO is the best way for land-based businesses. If you own a restaurant, a grocery shop, or a hair salon, this will be a perfect choice for your website. We will help your business to appear on featured snippets so people will come to you.
    • eCommerce SEO is the best choice for internet stores. People ready to buy your product will come to your website. If you own a land-based store with internet retail, it’s best to combine eCommerce and Local SEO.
    • Lead Generation SEO is the best practice for coaches, influencers, and media persons. People interested in your services will come directly to the target page and get in touch with you.
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    Retargeting / Remarketing

    • Remarketing and retargeting are efficient because they focus on people who are already interested in your brand. So you spend your marketing budget not on attracting new people, but on moving the traffic you have to the next stage of the sales funnel.
    • Retargeting and remarketing show better results when it comes to ROI than the traditional marketing channels. Also, retargeting and remarketing create a communication between a person and a brand. In the 2020’s people value this, especially the Gen-Z consumers.

      Top-3 Reasons why people choose us

    • People keep coming and buying because of the retargeting we set.
    • The ads we create perfectly fit the needs of the target audience.
    • The methods we use are data-driven, and we always have plan B.
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    Our Long-Term Services

    • Initial Server Setup And Server Administration. We optimize each server and make it 100% safe.
    • Proactive Monitoring Implementation. We got a tool to manage the availability of a server and a website, and optimize the resource usage.
    • Perfect Routine Maintenance. Once a month, we update the operating system and all the software, check the backups and system logs with antivirus and fix all the errors.
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    Our One-Time Services

    • Systems Installation. We install and configure all the operating systems of the Linux and Windows family.
    • LAMP Installation. We can help you to create your own server or develop your business on the existing one;
    • Load balancing. We know how it’s hard when your website glitches all the time and we want you to never know it.
    • Database installation. Databases make the essence of your website and we will keep it clean.
    • Server safety. You will be sure that your business is 100% safe.
    • VoIP configuration. This instrument will save your money.
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    Got Questions? We Can Help.

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